Thursday 13 March 2020

Improvement works across the school have been continuing and all classroom window sills throughout the school have now been replaced.  The windows and window frames in all classrooms have also now been cleaned.

The ventilation system for class P3B was initially planned to be installed last weekend, however it did not arrive from Germany until earlier this week and will now be installed this coming Saturday (14 March).

New flooring has now been installed in the three ground floor classrooms of the three-storey tower block and will be installed in a further four classrooms on the first floor over the next two weekends (14-15 March and 21-22 March).  The top floor will be completed as soon as possible after that and we’ll confirm the timescales once these have been finalised.

We can confirm that we have the results for the drinking water Legionella tests and all 52 samples taken across the school passed. The test certificates are attached in the document list below, dated today as the date that we are publishing them.

Tuesday 3 March 2020

School has returned to normal this week and improvement works have begun throughout the building.

As we confirmed last week, the water tests in school were repeated on Friday 28 February and all readings were within the normal range. The test results document has been added to the document list below.

The window sills were replaced in six classrooms last weekend (29 Feb - 1 Mar) on the ground floor and part of the first floor of the tower block. The sills will be replaced in the remaining classrooms this coming weekend (7 Mar – 8 Mar).
The steri system sensors located throughout the school were removed in the areas where works were undertaken over the weekend, but reinstalled on Monday 2 March.

The cold water storage tank in the school was also removed last weekend (29 Feb – 1 Mar), work that had previously been scheduled for that time. Water throughout the school now comes directly from the mains supply.

From today the windows, window frames and seals will be thoroughly deep cleaned and will be completed this week.

A ventilation system will be installed classroom P3B on Thursday/Friday of this week (5 – 6 Mar) and a timescale for ventilation to be introduced to remaining classrooms throughout the school will be confirmed as soon as this is finalised.

A programme to replace the flooring in the classrooms is also being finalised. These works will be carried out over the weekends and we’ll confirm when this work will begin.

Friday 28 February 2020

School was again calm and purposeful today with all monitor readings remaining clear. We have added a further question and response to the FAQs and this has been published below.   

Thursday 27 February 2020

School remains calm and purposeful today and the monitor readings remain clear. We have now published five further documents, at the top of the list of documents on this page. One is an updated Frequently Asked Questions, with responses to a number of questions and enquiries that have been submitted to the Council. The second document is the water testing report from yesterday. There are then three further documents providing the specification of the biomass boiler on site at the school and the two service reports for the boiler from January 2020 and April 2018.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

We undertook to keep you all as up to date as possible. The School opened as planned this morning and the Head Teacher and staff worked alongside senior Council officers to reassure pupils. Throughout the day the school remained calm and purposeful for the children. Results from all the monitors located throughout the school have remained clear.

We can confirm that last inspections of the backup gas boiler at Balmuildy Primary School took place in May 2019 and June 2018 as part of our asset inspection for our wider insurance programme.

The Council has been unable to locate a copy of the current gas certificate for Balmuildy Primary school despite extensive searches. The Council’s gas safety inspections are carried out by independent third party contractors. The Council is currently liaising with the relevant contractor with a view to securing a copy.

However, as a result of being unable to locate a copy internally, further investigations are ongoing and the Council has today made contact with the Health & Safety Executive given the seriousness of this matter.

We would again reassure you that the gas boiler at Balmuildy Primary School was decommissioned on Saturday 22 February and monitoring has been underway at the school since that point. All monitors remain clear and the report from Glasgow Scientific Services from yesterday confirming this is attached in the list of documents below.

Further documents will be added here as they become available.